Essex County Youth Soccer Association


Select a season to see standings

Standings archive is now can select the season and then the group. 

 Once you find the correct group (you can search by town/team name under the schedule tab to determine the group):

  • Game score details are available by clicking the ">" next to the team.
  • Maximum 3 goal differential per game as a published total and games with lopsided scoring (more than 6 goal differential) will incur a point deduction (Lopsided Game Policy).
  • A forfeit is recorded as -3 for the forfeiting team and 0 for the non-forfeiting team.  In the rare case of a double forfeit, each team is scored as -3.
  • G4 games are non-results oriented so no standings are published.
  • Please note that Spring season standings for playoff placement should always be confirmed via the tiebreaker rules that can be found in the ECYSA operating rules.
Select a Season:
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