Essex County Youth Soccer Association

Getting Assignments

Now that you're a certified referee, you will probably want to get some work. This page offers information on how to get assigned to work ECYSA games. 

Assignment Types

 ECYSA games at all grade levels require a referee. Some ECYSA games also use assistant referees. You will work either by yourself, or as part of a three-person crew:

  • Grade 4 games use a single referee.
  • Grade 6 games currently use a single referee.
  • Grade 8 games generally use a single referee, but some games may have assistant referees as well.
  • Grade 10 and higher games use a three-person crew.

Your first few assignments will most likely be for lower level games. With experience, you will receive assignments for higher level games. 

What is An Assignor?

An assignor is responsible for assigning referees to games. ECYSA uses a central assignor, who handles assignments of center referees for all games, and assistant referees for grade 10 and higher games. Assistant referees for grade 8 (and hopefully soon grade 6) games may be assigned locally by the home team's organization.

The ECYSA Referee Assignor is Ben Reed. Refer to the ECYSA Officials page for his contact information.

How Do I Get Assignments?

  • Step 1: Get certified!
  • Step 2: Tell Ben you want to work ECYSA games. Just send him an email.
  • Step 3: Get an account on our web site. Ben will get that set up and provide you with your login credentials.
  • Step 4: Enter your availability. You tell us when you can work. Assignments you receive will fit into that availability. 

If you are looking for additional assignments or you did not enter availability into our system, you are not out of luck. Each week there may be assignments that become available either because of rescheduling, referee illness, or unexpected conflicts. Log into the system during the week to see if any of these games are available, and grab some! 

For information on entering your availability or getting assigned to open games, check out our Technology Tips page.

Are There Requirements on the Number Of Assignments I Do?

No. There is no minimum number or types of assignments you need to do. As a referee, you are an independent contractor. You determine when you want to work.  

What Do I Need To Do Prior To My First Assignment?

Make sure you have acquired the required referee uniform, a whistle, and watch.

You will also need to attend a New Referee Orientation (NRO) meeting, which will teach you things the Entry Level course didn't cover, e.g. pre- and post-game activities, reporting scores, filling out game reports, etc. Dates/times/locations for NROs will be posted on our web site prior to the start of each season.

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