Essex County Youth Soccer Association

G6 Rule Exceptions

Below is a summary of the G6-specific rules. If there is a discrepancy between what is listed below and the operating rules, the operating rules win.

Note that the minimum number of players required to start or continue a G6 game specified in the 2018 version of the rules was 7.The correct value going forward is 6.

Min Players6 (This is different from what has been stated in the rules from previous years.)
Time30 minute halves
HeadingNot allowed
Ball Size4
Free Kicks
  • Opposing team must be at least 8 yards from the ball and outside the penalty area.
  • IFKs to attacking team inside opponents' penalty area are allowed.
  • PKs are awarded as usual to attacking team if fouled in the opponent's penalty area. The PK is taken 10 yards from the goal line (not 12).
  • IFK/DFK to defending team no longer has to clear the penalty area before being touched. Ball is in play when it is kicked and moves. The player taking the kick is not allowed to touch the ball a second time without another player touching the ball first (otherwise IFK to the other team).
OffsideYes, inside opponent's half of field
Kick-OffNo retries if taken improperly
Throw-InAs per the LOTG - no special handling.
Goal KickAs per LOTG (remember. ball does not have to clear the penalty area before it's in play).
Keeper ReleaseIf the GK throws, passes, or drop kicks the ball directly into the opponent's penalty area without it touching the ground or another player, IFK to the opposing team where the ball crossed the halfway line.
Drop BallsGiven to the team last in possession UNLESS play is stopped inside the penalty area, in which case the ball is given to the keeper. All players must be 5 yards away from where the ball is to be dropped. Player taking the drop ball may not score unless the ball is first touched by another player.
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