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SPring 2023 REgistration is currently closed!

Here are some updates and reminders about your rosters as we start and move through the Spring 2023 season.

  • ECYSA roster maximums have been updated to match MTOC rules for Grade 5/6/9v9, now 18, up from 16. Grade 8 and older/11v11 remains at 22. Grade 3/4  7v7 is still 14. The revised ECYSA Fact Sheet has been posted to for your reference.
  • Anything above these limits requires an approval by your ECYSA VP, regardless of division.  Please add players into the system as you normally would and if the add exceeds the roster maximum, the VP will review and approve (if denied, they will notify you to discuss).
  • MTOC rosters only are frozen as of May 15 for MTOC purposes- any players added or transferred onto a team after that date can play in ECYSA games including playoffs but are NOT eligible to play at MTOC.
  • If your roster on an MTOC team exceeds the limits, please EMAIL ME ( by May 15 with who you will be dropping if the team qualifies for MOTC but PLEASE DO NOT DROP any players from the system as ECYSA will ensure MTOC rosters are correct based on the drop list you provide to the Registrar by May 15.

PLEASE NOTE that we have added some additional TD enhancements during the off-season...woohoo!  More info on those will be forthcoming (incentive for you to read emails as the enhancements are pretty darn cool )...please focus on team registration uploads and strength charts for now and stay tuned for more info coming soon.

High School Teams: MA Youth Soccer has gone back to G10 (9th/10th grades) and PG (11th/12th/12th plus 1 year) - details are noted here (

Spring 2023 Season Registration will open on January 15th and all teams must be uploaded BEFORE February 20 (this also includes strength charts)!  Team registrations/strength charts will CLOSE at 11:59 PM on February 19.  Late fees will start to apply to late Team Registrations and/or Strength Charts on February 20.  Dates, etc. are posted on the home page. 

System Stuff:

  • Access MYL via - just enter your TD login (login link on the upper upper right of the page)...easy as that.  You would also enter there as a coach (or referee) if you have that login - reminder that that your TD login is a town organization "shared account" higher level access whereas your coach (or referee) account is a separate "individual" login.
  • Some registration entry reminders/updates:
    • All imported teams must have at least one "head coach" (C1)...the system will alert you if there isn't one - Please AVOID using "placeholder" head coaches where a name is used on multiple teams!  That creates havoc with our scheduling system because we try to accommodate Head Coaches that coach multiple teams...
    • Import check on rosters for min/max players based on current ECYSA rules
    • During Add/Drop/Transfer (which does not go live until after Registration is closed) - you can no longer drop/transfer a coach if the team only has one (need to add one first)
    • Max five coaches per team (system limitation) but remember ECYSA does not require additional coaches to be listed on the roster (they do however require proper credentials)...added coaches beyond five would start to "drop off" the bottom coach

Team Registrations and Strength Charts are due before February 20th (also has been noted on!

Once logged in please do this first:

  • Edit/Update your key contacts...Please make sure to add phone/cell phone and please make sure to provide your entire list of key contacts.  This functionality is always available.

Registration (opens on January 15, 2023):

  • Upload your registration file(s) by clicking "Import Roster" in the TD drop down menu.  You can import all rosters at once on the same spreadsheet or via multiple imports via teams.  Just make sure to import the entire team (coaches and players) if possible to avoid Add fees later on...
  • Please use the Excel template attached (also posted in the Registration tab at for creating your registration file (it is just an example to show layout so please delete the other data by deleting rows but leave the header row).
  • The file structure is the same as last season but always good to make sure you are using the latest template (please use the Spring 2023 Registration Template below to import your teams). Couple reminders:
    • The "gender" column is the individual's gender, not the team's gender
    • ECYSA is requesting email addresses for each record, not just coaches, but this column remains optional for players (typically parent email).  Having emails for everyone allows for better communication regarding league announcements, changes to games, etc.

Strength charts will need to be completed after you have successfully imported your rosters as they are initiated by your registration file upload, so please build this into your timeline.  Strength Chart submission is critical to allowing our Grade Group Directors time to properly review and place your teams - and Fall season comes quickly.

Non-residents are screened at the time of your upload, so please be prepared to select a reason for the exception as part of your upload process. ECYSA VP's will then review the exceptions for approval, denial or request follow up information but the players listed will not be officially rostered until approved by the appropriate VP.

Grade group exceptions are also screened at the time of your upload with an alert going to the VP to approve, deny or request further information. Remember that players grade 2 or below require a waiver to be placed on a grade 4 team, and Grade 3/4 players need a waiver to be placed on a Grade 6 team. All players who are "playing down" under Mass Youth and ECYSA rules whether AGE or GRADE MUST receive a waiver, which is initiated via email to your respective ECYSA VP and must include full details in support of your request. Play down waivers are not generally approved and require full justification and documentation to be considered. 

Add/Drop/Transfer will not be active until registration is closed (we will let you know once it is open).  The Add/Drop/Transfer form is the same as the registration file form but remember Drops and Transfers will be done directly in the system (because those players will already be in the system).  Adds will be uploaded via a similar process to your registration file upload.  Adds/Transfers should be completed by Thursday 9 pm for the change to appear on the roster for a Saturday game (approx. 36 hours prior to game time).  Once the change is approved, you will need to print an updated roster (in color) for the game.

Instructional videos are available under the TD Library section of

The system is set to calculate your registration fees (and other fees) - TDs have a drop down which will detail the town organization fees.

Fields: field availability will open soon with a similar structure to what we used in the Fall - the predefined templates received huge positive feedback.

Registration fee worksheet and payment (check) should be mailed to:

  • J Chee, ECYSA Accountant, 33 Winter Street, North Reading, MA 01864
  • Please make sure to use the fee worksheet (Excel spreadsheet link below) to calculate fees owed.  The team fees on the Financial Report in the TD drop down will be different from the spreadsheet (and potentially changing) until the teams are assigned to their final placements (eg. MTOC vs County) in the system after the placement meeting.  If fee submitted is different from actual fees based on placements, ECYSA will send reconciliation invoices.

Here is the Spring 2023 Fee Worksheet: 

Here is the Spring 2023 Roster Registration Template/Example:

Fall 2022 / Spring 2023 Age Groups: - please make sure to view the "Dual Grade Groupings" 


Program Grade Requirements AND Born On or After
Grade 3/4 4th Grade or Lower AND 1/1/2012
Grade 5/6* 6th Grade or Lower AND 1/1/2010
Grade 7/8* 8th Grade or Lower AND 1/1/2008
Grades 9/10* 10th Grade or Lower AND 1/1/2006
Grades 11/12/PG* 12th + 1 year or Lower AND 1/1/2003

*  MTOC  Grade Groupings

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