Essex County Youth Soccer Association

Getting Paid

New Rates effective Spring 2022! The following table shows the rates ECYSA pays for the various grade group assignments:

Grade GroupCenter RefereeAssistant Referees
Grade 4$35n/a
Grade 6$40Set by club (if used). ECYSA Championship: $25.
Grade 8$55Set by club (if used). ECYSA Championship: $30.
Grade 10$65$40
Grade PG$70$45

 Also effective Spring 2022, you will receive a $250 bonus if you work at least 24 assignments during the Fall or Spring season.

For you to get paid, you must fill out the game reports for each of your assignments. Without that information, you cannot receive credit for that game - the system doesn't allow it.

If you do not fill out a game report by 9:00 PM of the day after your assignment, whether the game was played to completion or abandoned, you will be docked $5 for that game!!! So do yourself a favor and enter those game reports promptly when you get home after your assignments.

Game reports are essential tools, with which ECYSA's Board of Directors manages the operations of the league. The Board needs the information contained in your reports to make timely decisions with regard to discipline, scheduling, playoff qualification, spectator management, and a variety of other issues. 

Currently, ECYSA pays every two weeks or twice a month.

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