Essex County Youth Soccer Association

COVID-19 Considerations

The following information regarding the impact of COVID-19 on your games applies for the ECYSA Spring 2021 Season. We recommend you print this information out or otherwise have it handy at each of your assignments.

  • All players on the field, in the team area, coaches, and referees MUST wear masks. The ONLY style of mask that is allowed is the style that loops behind each ear, i.e., surgical style. Anything else is considered illegal equipment. They shall not play or coach without the correct style of mask.
  • Referees will use electronic whistles. If you still don't have one, order it now. Here's one source:
  • All Sunday games have two 40-minute halves. This applies to the PG grade group as well as G11.
  • We will play soccer in the Spring of 2021. Throw-ins are allowed as is heading the ball for G8 and above ONLY. Still no heading in G4 & G6. Physical contact is allowed (fouling is still not) Yes! We are playing real soccer!!
  • Game clocks MUST start at the scheduled time of kickoff. Even if teams are not ready to play, or are still being checked in, start the clock. Make a loud general announcement for all to hear: "The game clock is now running!". Games must start and finish at the appointed times so that teams may exit the field before the next teams arrive.
  • Referees must do full team check-ins. Collect the laminated roster, player passes, and coach passes. Retain them until the game is over. Once the game is done, fill out the game card, give copies back to coaches along with their rosters and passes. You keep the cardboard copy so you can fill out the game report. Advice from the Assignor is a great cheat sheet to help you out.
  • There will be no postgame handshake lines for any grade group.
  • If you are refereeing at Peabody, please note: Nobody shall enter the field until 5 minutes before the kickoff time. Team check-in must still be thorough, though. Understand, all teams will lose playing time. This is not your issue. It is a Peabody Board Of Health rule.
  • If you are on the field for multiple games, you may stay on the field while you wait for the next teams to arrive.
  • Referees are not the COVID-19 police. Do not engage spectators about masks or social distancing. That information should be mentioned in your game report.
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