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There is currently a lot of information on this page.
Everything from my new email address to availability Spring 2018, New Referee Orientations , the final referee workshop, create your ECYSA referee account, and how to post games.Make sure you have not missed anything
These are followed by instructions on how to post your games and fill out a game report, as well as how to create your ECYSA referee account.
VERY IMPORTANT!!!!!!  You need to let me know if you have changed your email address. The database for the group email is a different one than your ECYSA referee profile information




Starting 1/2/2018 discard my Verizon email address.


My new email address will:



                                                                                                   *********The Availability Form for ECYSA's Spring 2018 season is now online.********

                                                                                             The dead line for getting this filled out is Thursday, March 15th.


                                                                                   ECYSA has scheduled (G-4) / (G-6) / (G-8)) games all day on Saturday. These games are refereed with just one referee.


                                                                                                                                           On Sunday, there are games only in the afternoon.

           These are (G-10) & (G-12) & (PG post graduate) games, typically three game sets. All are refereed with a three person system. You can usually figure on one game as referee and two as assistant referee.


If you are unable to do a three game set, indicate what you are able to do on any given Sunday and provide some availability. I will do my best to get as many of you as possible some experience on three person system games.


***        Dates for the ECYSA Winter referee workshops are as follows:  ***


Email me at benrefereed@gmail.com


The first two workshops will take place at the following location.


The  Polish Club

12 Cheever St.

Danvers Ma. 01923.



The third and final workshop/meeting will take place on:


Tuesday, March 27th 2018 at the location below.


Black Swan Country Club

285 Andover St. (This is located on Route 133).

Georgetown Ma. 01833.


This is the one workshop you really want to attend. Be there by 7:00 PM There may be be changes to ECYSA rules of competition for the upcoming year


For newer referees, you might ask "What's a workshop?" This is an opportunity to sit in with referees who've refereed for many years, as well as other newer referees. While there, we will go over scenarios and basic information that is crucial to your development, understanding and knowledge of refereeing.


Workshops also provide you with bonus money. Attend one workshop and earn $1 more for every game you referee in the upcoming year. Two workshops equals $2 more per game. Attend all three and earn $3 more per game for the year 2018.Bonus pay for 2017 is now null and void. We all start over again for each year.


Please note, while the last workshop (On March 27th) is very important. If that is the only one of the three you can attend, there is no bonus pay.


That said, the final workshop is always the most heavily attended. There will be information at this workshop which will be new and updated. You don't want to miss the boat. If you attend the third in conjunction with any, or all of, the others, then the bonuses kick in.


These are not conducted by the state. ECYSA runs these events. There is no charge or preregistration required. Please look for more ECYSA referee news blasts from me in the near future 




New Policy As Of Spring 2017


Coach Credentials

Starting Spring 2017 ALL ECYSA registered coaches, 18 years of age and older, must now also have their coaches credentials visible at all times.


It shall be on a lanyard around their neck.

As you know, coaches MUST have a valid ECYSA coach pass with a current season sticker on it, this is not new. No Exceptions

Coaches 18 and older are now required to have both forms of identification in order to coach from their team (technical) area.


If they do not have both forms of I.D. they shall go to the spectator side. No Exceptions


Town and name of coach shall go into your post game report.

Coaches younger than 18 years do NOT require a credential on a lanyard. They do require a valid ECYSA coach pass



A  function called 'Profile' has been added to referee menu's.
This function will allow referee's to update changes to values such as mail
address, and phone numbers. You now have the ability to go in and make the changes yourself.
Please, no matter how small the change to your information is, it is important for you to let me know the changes you have made.
 This is especially true if you have changed your email address.
Referee news blasts, are sent on a different carrier and separate database website that I work from. If you change your email address, and I don't know about it, I can't change it on the news blast page. Thus, you will stop receiving the news blasts from me.
As always, any changes you make must also be made on your MSRC account too.

  Brand new referees for the upcoming Spring 2018 season must attend one of these meetings. Dates, times and locations have yet to be confirmed. If you have never set foot on a field as a referee in ECYSA, attending one is mandatory. Failure to attend one will prevent me from employing you. If it has been several seasons since you last did an ECYSA game, you should attend a class. They are no cost to you. ECYSA runs these. You need not sign up at massref.net. You do however need to let me know, via email, which one you will attend.

 About the NRO's. They are primarily in place for referees who have yet to set foot on a field as a referee. That said, anyone who lacks experience, or confidence, is welcome. Maybe you have only done a hand full of ECYSA games in the last few years. Or, maybe you've done a season or two of your in town program and feel ready for the next step in your referee career. Are you looking for a bit more challenge? Then these are for you. They will be fun, informative, friendly, and safe.
 Brand new referees must attend one before getting ECYSA games.
All emails should go to me at:  benrefereed@gmail.com

All orientations will take place at:


Polish Club of Danvers

12 Cheever St.

Danvers Ma. 01923

 Times and dates for New To ECYSA Referee Orientation Meetings" are as follows:

Time, Date, & Location: Meeting # 1 
Saturday, March 17th     9:30 am - 12:00 pm
Time, Date, & Location: Meeting # 2
Sunday,  March  18th  5:00 pm -  7:30 pm

Time, Date, & Location: Meeting # 3


Sunday,  March  25th  6:00 pm - 8:30 pm


Time, Date, & Location: Meeting # 4


Saturday,  March 31st   9:30 am - 12:00 pm


You must  attend one. Take your pick, and let me know which one.

Yes, you may have just taken a USSF referee course.

But these courses don't provide you with all you need to help you flourish.


These ECYSA meetings will accomplish several things.

1) Get to meet your assignor face to face in a small group.

2) Learn how to properly check in a team by ECYSA standards

3) Pre and post game duties.

4) Hints and refereeing tricks of the trade.

5) We will touch upon other basics as well.

6) Wear your referee uniform (shoes suited for indoor. No cleats)

It is my understanding that many referee uniforms are back ordered.

Order them NOW!

It is most important to attend a meeting. All are welcome, uniform or not.


7) Bring a whistle, paper, and writing utensil.


It will be fun and informative, which is good, since it is required if you want to referee in Essex County.

We take our commitment to you seriously.

We want refereeing in Essex County to be the best experience possible.


If you are under 18 years of age, it would be helpful if a parent could stay for the class.

You will play a large role in the success of your child's new (first?) job.



1) Login to your account

2) Click on "Games" Menu

3) Click on "Post Game Score / Report"

4) Enter requested information – game #

5) Click NEXT

6) Game particulars will be displayed at top of form.

7) Enter whether game was Abandoned, Cancelled, or Played.

8) Enter game score, or check off forfeiting team.

9) Choose weather info from pull-down menu.

10) Enter Field Conditions info from pull-down menu.

11) VERY IMPORTANT – If you have NO issues, go to the issues button. In the drop down menu,

and choose “No Issues” to complete report..

12) If you do have issues, enter issue & team info from pull-down menus, & fill in all

other information fields pertaining to that issue.

A) Each card &/or incident is listed separately.

13) Enter any comments in Game Comments Box.

14) Click finish.

15) If you have entered all required information you will get a “successfully posted” message.

16) VERY IMPORTANT! Once you have successfully posted your games, run a “Referee Payment Report.” This confirms successful posting of games and allows you to see your referee earnings to date


Additional Notes:

Regardless of the weather at your house, ALWAYS check the field availability, at www.ecysa.org , found in the drop down menu on the games buttom. If the fields are green, your games are happening. Red means stay home, or look for other games to referee.

Players MUST appear on the laminated ECYSA roster & have a valid ECYSA laminated player pass.. If they do not have both, THEY WILL NOT PLAY.

Coaches with a valid laminated ECYSA coaches may coach, whether they appear on the roster or not.


How to create your account

1) Go to www.ecysa.org

2) Click on referee button.

3) Once you are at the Essex Referee Web Site, click on login.

4) Towards the bottom of the screen, Click Create Account.

5) The Create Account screen will appear, enter your referee I.D. (your four digit ECYSA referee number) in the account field.

6) Enter your email address. This will be used to send you your password if you forget it.

7) Enter your password twice.

8) Click SUBMIT button to finish completing your account. You will be automatically logged in.

9) Click on games to access all referee functions.

Thank you,

Ben Reed,

USSF & ECYSA Referee Assignor